Fees and policies OLD

Payment Policy

Integrated endocrinology is a private practice. We do not bulk bill, and all consultations will have an associated fee.

Medicare reimburses a portion of this fee, depending on the complexity of your medical condition. Those with multiple endocrine issues receive a higher medicare rebate. The difference in price between the fee we charge and the medicare reimbursement is the ‘gap fee’, also known as the ‘out of pocket fee’. The total fee is to be paid for at the time of the appointment, following which your Medicare rebate claim can be submitted.

If you have pre-registered your details with Medicare, your rebate will be automatically deposited into your bank account within 2 business days. Alternatively, you can be issued with a receipt allowing you to claim the rebate from Medicare yourself. All Payments are due at the time of consultation via Credit Card or EFTPOS. No cash is kept in the building and change cannot be provided.

If you do not have a medicare card, are from overseas, or are attending for a workplace assessment, you will not be able to claim a medicare rebate and full amounts will apply.

Consultation FEES

Appointment length (minutes)Total to be paid on dayMedicare rebateGap fee
(Out of pocket fee)
Modality of appointment
“Complex” initial review (at least 2 endocrine issues)45 minutes$440$240.75$199.25In person or video call
“Routine” initial review (single endocrine issue)45 minutes $380$137.65$242.35In person or video call
“Complex” follow up (at least 2 endocrine issues)<20 minutes $220$120.55$99.45In person or video call
“Routine” follow up (single endocrine issue)<20 minutes $190$68.90$121.1In person or video call
Phone review <20 minutes$190$39.25$150.75Phone call (no video)

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